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  • PMS9003M
  • PMS9003M
  • PMS9003M
  • PMS9003M
Main characteristics
 Zero false alarm rate
 Real-time response
 Correct data
 Minimum distinguishable particle diameter :0.3 micrometer
 High anti-interference performance because of the new structure of six
sides shielding
 Optional direction of air inlet and outlet in order to adapt the different
  • Parameter IndexUnit
    Particle Range of measurement
    0.3~1.0; 1.0~2.5;   2.5~10  Micrometerμm
    Particle   Counting Efficiency50%@0.3µm 98%@0.5µm
    Particle Effective Range
        PM2.5 standard
    Particle Maximum Range
        PM2.5 standard*
    1000 μg/m³
    Particle   Resolution1μg/m³
    Particle Maximum Consistency Error (PM2.5 standard data)±10%@100~500μg/m³

    Particle   Standard Volume0.1LitreL
    Single   Response Time<1 Seconds 
    Total Response   Time<10 Seconds 
    DC Power   Supply Typ5.0 Min:4.5 Max:5.5 VoltV
    Active Current100 MilliamperemA
    Standby   Current100 MilliamperemA
    Interface   Level L<0.8 @3.3 H>2.7@3.3 VoltV
    Working   Temperature Range-10~+60 
    Working   Humidity Range 0~95
    Storage   Temperature Range-40~+80 
    Physical Size48mm×40mm×12mmmm