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  • PIRS10A
  • PIRS10A
Main characteristics
 Zero false alarm rate
 Real-time response
 High anti-interference performance because of the structure of six sides shielding
  • Parameter IndexUnit
    Particle Range of measurement
    0.3~1.0;   1.0~2.5; 2.5~10  Micrometerμm
    Particle  Counting Efficiency3500µg/m³
    Particle Effective Range
        PM2.5 standard
    0~500 μg/m³
    Particle Maximum Range
        PM2.5 standard*
    1000 μg/m³
    Particle   Resolution1μg/m³
    Particle Maximum Consistency Error (PM2.5 standard data)*±15%@100500µg/m3                ±15µg/m3@0100µg/m3
    DC   Power Supply Typ5.0 Min:4.8 Max:5.2 VoltV
    Active  Current15MilliamperemA
    Working  Temperature Range-10~+60 
    Working   Humidity Range 0~95%No condensation 
    Storage   Temperature Range-20~+60 
    Physical   Size46.1mm×34mm×18.3mmmm